The New PT Challenge It’s that time of year again were Christmas is fast approaching, its a time of year to be jolly and festive. Its a time of year for us to share the company of love ones and eat delicious foods. But unfortunately with eating delicious foods most of us will end up pilling on the weight BUT DON’T WORRY I GOT YOU COVERED..


Who’s Up for a 30 day fat lost fitness challenge starting in the new year to burn of that extra Christmas weight???  Over here at Myfitness4life we love challenges. Challenges that push as to perform, challenges that push us beyond all our imaginable limits, challenges that take us to a place of change we love those challenges that make us better physically and mentally...


Do you have what it takes?

Are you willing to push yourself harder than You ever have before?

Are you ready for change?

Do you have two hours a week to give to the gym for 30 days?


If you have answered YES to all the questions above then why not sign up for my 2020 10kg Fat Lost fitness Challenge and bag your self 8 free Personal training sessions in February..

Place are very limited so follow the link below and get signing up now..


There will be two groups am only taking on 10 people for this challenge who will be split into two groups of 5 Each person will be weighed before the challenge and then added in to a whatsapp group so we can all communicate and help push each other throughout the 30 days