• Mylius Junior

Tips On How To Fit Your Training Around Your Normal Life.

Updated: Jan 19

We all know that having a gym routine that is consistent is key to getting the best result possible. As we all have very busy lives the challenge is to try and fit the gym in to our day to day lives. When this is done correctly the chances of us reaching our fitness goals will increase.

Finding the motivation to train in the gym itself can be extremely difficult let alone not having a routine that works This will lead you to nowhere fast.

The aim is to have a gym routine that allows as to be consistent week in week out. In this weeks blog I will share with you three tips that I have found over the years has helped my clients be more consistent in their training and has helped them get the results that they want.

Tip 1: Train In The Morning Before Work

Waking up bright and early in the morning to train before work can help get you in to the routine you need to see results. Morning gym sessions are good because this way you can get your training out of the way before starting your day, so you don’t have it hanging over your head throughout the day which can be a put off. Also training in the morning has many benefits one of them being it helps to wake up and speed up your metabolism throughout the day thus helping you to burn more total calories.

Tip 2: If You Only Have Time To Train For 30/45mins Then Train Big Muscle Groups To Help You Burn More Calories

If for example you are training on your lunch break and you have limited time to train, then the best advise I can give you is to incorporate Big compound movements into your programming. This will help you get the most into your session and burn the most amount of calories. Also try to keep the intensity very high and try to maintain a high heart rate throughout the session this will ensure that your body stays in the fat burning mode throughout the entire session.

Tip 3: Don’t Have Much Time To Train Then Train With Superset, Trisets And Giantsets

If You only have 20 minutes to train a day and your goal is to burn fat but you prefer not to run on the the treadmill for your whole session, but you still want to get the benefits of a high intensity cardio session , Then try using supersets, trisets and giantsets in your training programme as this will give some cardio benefits. Also try keep the volume high while taking less breaks Inbetween sets.