• Mylius Junior

The Benefits Of Cardio

If you’re someone who is a bit overweight or someone who is in shape but wants to get crazy lean cardio can help take you to that next level were you want to be. In this weeks blog I will give you three reasons as to why you should include cardio in to your programming no matter what level you maybe at.

Burns Fat

Cardiovascular exercise can help you increase your energy output, which will help you burn extra calories in your training sessions. By implementing 20/30 minutes of cardio either at the start of your workout or at the end of your workout will over a period of time help reduce body fat.

It Helps Make The Heart Stronger

The fitter you get through cardiovascular exercising the stronger the heart muscle becomes. One of the benefits of having a strong heart is that a strong fit heart will help you run or exercise for much longer, this is because the heart pumps blood around the body which delivers oxygen to the muscles while you exercise, and the stronger the cardiac muscle becomes the bigger the volume of blood it can pump in one go, which means the more oxygenated blood it can deliver to the muscles allowing you to perform or exercise for longer.

It Helps Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attacks

The fitter you become the stronger the cardiac muscle becomes and this can help prevent heart attacks by significantly reducing the chances of you developing disease like high blood pressure and Coronary heart disease (CHD) which can lead to a heart attack.