• Mylius Junior

Six Tips to build abs

Hello again I hope everyone is keeping safe during this covid-19 pandemic. One of the questions I get asked a lot as a trainer is “how can I build a strong core and get my six pack muscles to show.“ So for this weeks blog I have decided to give out some abs tips.

First of all it is very important that we understand that our abs are just as important as any other muscle group in our body. So for this reason we have to give our abs the same amount of time and effort as if it was any other major muscle group in our body.

1. For upper abs Keep tension on the abs by doing crunches instead of full sit ups as full sit ups uses some of the back muscles. Also after each rep Squeeze and hold at the top of the crunch for 2 seconds.

2. Pick out 2 exercises for upper abs, 2 for lower abs, 2 for mid abs and another 2 exercises for obliques.

3. After each exercise move onto the next abs workout and continue to do this without rest until all 8 exercises are complete.

4. A minimum of 20 reps per exercise should be done. Remember the abs are a small group of muscles so for that reason you need to train them properly in order for them to grow.

5. Do at least one 30mins cardio session a week and track your macros to lower body fat and reveal your abs.

6. Once you have finished working out the 4 parts of your abs (upper,middle,lower and obliques), the best possible end to your workout is by doing the plank. Start off with a one minute hold then every other week increase by a minute.