• Mylius Junior

Over coming a gym injury

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

As a trainer I know the importance of having good form and this should carry through on every movement from bicep curls to more complex movements like the deadlifts, squats and bench press.

As well as always making sure your form is good when lifting you, should also make sure that you warm up the joints and muscles well, before starting each workout to help prevent any injuries.

Having said the above sometimes mistakes happen and we can get injured so in this blog. I will give you three tips to help you recover from injury as fast as possible so you can get back to training in the gym.

Tip 1 Stop If you feel any pain whilst training

Whilst training if you feel like you have tweaked something or pulled a muscle stop what you’re doing immediately do not trying to soldier on and finish the workout as you can make the potential injury much worst.

Tip 2 Take a few days off

Listen to your body If it feels like you have pulled something take a few days off training and see how you feel. This is very important as it could be a miner sprain of a muscle and not a serious injury. Going to the gym the next day could make it worst and potentially cause more of a serious injury that can put you out of action for months.

Tip 3 Consult your GP

If you did stop when your felt the initial pain and you took a few days off from the gym, and the pain that started as a like tweak has gotten much worst, do not go back to the gym and try and work around it as your body will naturally try to compensate your form in order to get around the pain, which could lead to another injury or worsen the one you’re currently suffering from. Instead go and consult your GP and explain to them what has happened and get them to examine you to make sure everything is ok.