• Mylius Junior

Meal Replacements

Updated: Apr 23

As we all know by now in order to build and repair muscles in our bodies calories are needed. The body uses the calories we consume each day as fuel to repair the damage caused by strenuous training. Post exercise the muscles in our bodies are injured and bleeding internally so calories at this point aswell as protein consumption is a very essential part of the recovery process if one wants to build muscle make gains and get stronger in the gym

Having said this not all of us are able to eat the share amount of calories needed for our bodies to be not only function normally but also be able to undergo the process of healing after our workouts. This is why I am writing this blog today to show that there are other ways in which we can get the calories into our body so we are not training in vein for years without making progress.

Some people like food and don’t mind eating five, six or even seven large sized meals throughout the course of the day to get the calories that their body needs in order for them to build and repair muscle.

Eating large amount of meals throughout the day is one way of meeting your daily macros goals but if your anything like my partner then this could almost be impossible to achieve everyday, as your stomach is very small and can not stretch to hold large amounts of food in one go.

In today’s blog I will give you three ways in which u can get the calories in without having to force food down your throat until your are at the point of throwing up

1 high calories Drinks

If you have the right ingredients and knowledge you can make a high calorie drink or smoothie that can help you get in a decent amount of your daily calories which could prevent you from having to eat tonnes of food.

2 Fewer but larger meals spread Throughout the day

Rather then eating six to seven small meals that are spread out through the day which will just fill up and stretch out your stomach giving you that bloated and comfortable feeling of fullness. You can instead plan and pick certain food types that are very calorific and have two or three well balanced large meals three or four hours apart.

3 supplements

Another way to consume large amount of calories is through weight gaining supplementation. This is a quick and very convenient way to get the calories that you need in at the right time. A good weight gainer supplement should be able to provide a large amount of carbs whilst minimising the fat.