• Mylius Junior

How to get your sleeping pattern back on track

Updated: May 7

This Coronavirus pandemic has not only lead the world to a halt it has also had a great impact on our sleeping patterns. This sudden change has effected the better of us as 4am has now become the new 10pm. Although you are sleeping throughout the day making up for the lack of sleep you may have had, it is important that we also maintain a regular routine so that our bodies are recharged for the next day. I will be giving you a few tips on how to get your sleeping pattern back on track.

1. Pull an all nighter.

One way to fix your sleeping pattern is by staying up all night and day until the hour you want your new bedtime to be. However it is important to remember that you are sleep deprived so activities such as strenuous exercise and driving is not recommended during this time.

2. By slightly adjusting your bedtime a little each day.

If you have a bit more patience and you want a more gradual approach to this then adjusting your sleeping pattern by 1 hour each day can eventually get you to the bedtime you need. It may take a bit of time but once you are at the hour you want just remember it is important to maintain this same bedtime for at least a week until your body has fully adapted to the new changes.

3. How to maintain this new sleeping pattern.

Once you are happy with your new bedtime it is important that you stick to a regular routine.

  • Naps during the day can make it hard to fall sleep at night so these are best avoided.

  • Limit light exposure in your room when you need to sleep as this can have an affect on your brain which can disrupt your ability to sleep.

  • Minimise screen time before bed. It is recommended that we don’t use our technology devices for 30 minutes to a hour before we sleep as these devices can stimulate the brain making it harder to fall asleep.