• Mylius Junior

How To Still Make Gains At Home During The COVID -19 Pandemic

The coronavirus situation is a stressful time for all of us as it has dramatically changed our everyday lives and forced us to adapt to a lifestyle that is far from ideal. As the government has set new guidelines that we must follow in order to stay safe and reduce the infection rate, we have now seen all public places such as gyms, restaurants and some food and health shops closed for the foreseeable future.

Large gatherings of the public has been banned and social distancing measures have been introduced across the country. This means that those who train with PTs are unable to physically train with them in person.

As bleak as the situation we are all in may seem, everything is not all doom and gloom and we can all try to see the situation in a positive light. Tough times like these can make us all stronger and the way we choose to perceive and approach this situation can even make us grow and become wiser and more capable human beings once we all get through this. In this blog I will be giving you three tips that can help you in your fitness journey while you’re in isolation.

1. Hire An Online Coach

Hiring an online coach can be a very affective way to train and still make progress whilst in isolation. A good online coach/trainer should be able to listen to your goals and be able to set you specific macro goal in order for you to lose weight or bulk and gain muscle. A program suited for your needs can be given to clients online and training sessions can be monitored or overseen by an online trainer through services like Skype.

2. Keeping A Food Diary And Meal tracking

We are all under quarantine and our movements have been restricted dramatically by the government. So for those of us who do not wish to gain extra pounds, it is very important that we all stay active in order to maintain or lose weight.

Along with keeping active and moving around as much as you can at home, a good way to make sure that weight is not gained is to keep a food diary and track what you eat on a daily basis. One way you can do this is by writing down what you eat everyday using apps such as “Mypthub” that will do a good job in tracking your daily nutrition.

3. Buying Some Gym Equipment For Your Home

If your unique fitness journey is to build muscle and tone up your body, then a good way to do this whilst in isolation is to invest in some resistant weight lifting equipment for your home. Not much is needed and the equipment can be very cheap if you buy them from retailers such Amazon, EBay or Argos.