• Mylius Junior

How Important Is It To Train Your Core?

Having a strong mid- section is very important as it will help set you up for an easy and comfortable pain free life as well as helping you get stronger with other movements in the gym

The Rectus Abdominis muscle most commonly referred to as the six pack muscle has its benefits when fully developed. Having a strong well developed six pack will help secure the spinal core and keep it in one position when moving around., A well developed Mid— section can help improve posture, so this muscle group be it small needs its own time, effort and attention and should be worked like any other muscle group in the body. In this weeks blog i will give you three reasons as to why you should train your six pack muscles.

Rectus Abdominis Development Can Help Reduces Or eliminate lower back pain

Your six pack muscles work as an anchor that connects and holds together the upper and lower body through the mid section. If the six pack abs are weak and under developed it can force the muscles of the lower back to work harder which can lead to back pains

Helps With Complex Lifts

The rectus abdominis is activated a lot when doing compound movements such as deadlifts, squats and even lunges and it helps to keep the upper body in an up right position which help secure the spinal core and prevent injury.

Makes Breathing Easier and helps keeps vital organs in position

The rectus abdominis muscle when well developed will help assist the breathing by supporting the diaphragm. When the rectus abdominis muscle group is strong it will also help align and hold the pelvis in place as well as supporting the lumbar spin and holding all the digestive organs in place.