• Mylius Junior

How I Kept My Sanity And Is Making The Most Of Lockdown

Lets be honest it seems like Covid 19 is here to stay and there is nothing we can do about it now but learn to live and deal with it

No doubt we have all suffered from the restrictions this virus has caused. Some of which being that most of us have to work from home causing some of us to fall out of routine as we have more time on our hands.

Being a person that use to start my working day at 5am in the morning my routine has definitely suffered from being in lockdown for over seven months. In this blog i will share with you three tips i have used to help keep some form of routine and my sanity intact.

Structure your day and make a routine

Even though it feels like we are sitting at home and not doing anything it is very important that we try and structure each day and keep to some type of routine, this will help keep you busy throughout the day and stop your mind from wondering and causing unnecessary worries and stresses.

Take up new hobbies and learn new skills

Lets all try to make the best out of a bad situation, being in lockdown for seven months has been stressful for all of us there is no doubt about that.

But lets all try and look at the bright side to all of this and one of the positive is that we all have more free time on our hands and this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. We should all try and make use of the extra hours we have right now that most of us wouldn’t have if we was working our normal daily jobs and times were normal.

One of the things I have done with the extra time I now have is allocating some of the spare time to learning new hobbies and taking up new sports of which I have always had a passion in but never had the spare time to practice.

I also use this time to start a new online business which I never had time to do as i was busy working

Connect with love ones more

We all live in a very fast pace world were we’re alway on the go or very busy with our work and careers. This can often lead to us not having enough time in our day to speak to the ones that we care about the most.

The one thing I have tried to do the most in this lockdown period is to make an effort everyday to try and contact, connect and build new or reaffirm old relationships with family members and friends i may not have had time to speak to.