• Mylius Junior

Do Overweight People Lose Weight Easier

A person that is 3 stones over their BMI will be able to burn more calories then someone who isn’t as overweight while exercising and dieting.

This is true because the heavier the person the more energy is needed for them to move around and exercise. Look at it like this “work is energy“ so If a 300lbs person and a 200lbs person both exercise for 1 hour at the same intensity, same exercises and with the same weights the person that is 300lbs will be able to burn more calories then the person that weighs 200lbs simply because their weight is heavier and the body will need to use up more calories/energy in order to allow them to be able to perform the same exercises as the lighter person.

This is also true when dieting to lose body fat an overweight person on a restrictive Calorie diet that has them eating less than their daily maintenance will be able to drop body fat a lot quicker then the person that’s much lighter. For example if both persons consume 600 fewer calories a day, then the heavier person will at first lose more weight but overtime it will slow down and balance out as the heavier person gets closer to their BMI.

Pleased remember when you’re trying to lose bodyfat it is important not to focus on the success of others but only to measure your progress based solely on yourself.