• Mylius Junior

3 Tips On How To Make Fitness A Habit

As human beings we all have habits that have been developed over the years, some of which are conscious to us and other sub conscious meaning we perform them without us being fully aware of what we are doing.

The word habits can be synonymous to negative behaviour. But we must remember that although some habits can be bad ones some can also be good ones.

Habits are defined as “A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”.

This dictionary definition is not necessarily a negative thing as we all have the ability to train ourselves to have positive and productive habits.

In this blog I will give you three tips to help you build positive and productive fitness habits that will help you reach your fitness goals quicker.

Every little helps

We are all human so some days we may wake up a little more tired than usual, maybe because we was working late the night before on a deadline or maybe the new born is keeping us up to ungodly hours of the morning and going to the gym is the last thing on our minds. This is normal and it happens to the best of us even harden seasonal gym goers.

Here is what you must do to build good habits, on these low energy lazy days you must try to put aside at least 15 minutes of the day to go to the gym or even train at home.

The idea is not to try and get a great workout in on these type of days but the idea is to simply not break your routine so eventually exercising everyday becomes a lifetime habit.

Punish yourself if you miss a training session

Another way of forcing yourself into building good fitness habits is by holding yourself accountable when you miss a session without having a valid reason.

The punishment does not have to be harsh, maybe it could be as little as not allowing yourself to have your favourite dessert that day, the idea is not for you to be judge and jury on yourself but to simply put barriers in place to try and prevent you from breaking any routine in the future.

Make exercising fun

One of the easiest ways to create good habits whether it is in fitness or a different discipline is to make sure you enjoy what you’re doing this is extremely important. The more you enjoy doing something the more likely you will continue doing it which will eventually lead to the building of good habits.

So remember if you are exercising everyday and trying to keep fit try and make it enjoyable maybe by changing the exercises that you do on a daily basis or you can even buy a fitness watch and start competing with friends and family.