• Mylius Junior

Tips On How To Maintain Your Body Weight After Dieting Down and Losing Bodyfat

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

After Dieting down for any period of time no one wants to put the weight back on. Sticking to any restrictive diet takes a lot of willpower and after spending 12 weeks or more doing just this and losing weight, gaining bodyfat is the last thing on your mind. But unfortunately a lot of people end up gaining weight just as quickly as they lost it. To say the least this can be very stressful and annoying and most people may not understand why their weight gain has come back with vengeance. In todays blog i will give you three tips that will hopefully help you keep the weight off and stay lean and fit in your new hard earned body. Tip 1: Reverse Dieting When we diet down the idea is to slowly over the weeks lower our daily calories consumption down so that we create a negative energy balance each day, which will in return allow us to over the period of seven days create enough of a energy deficit that will cause our bodies to burn stored energy which is the ugly adipose tissue we all know as body fat. Now fast forward 12 weeks and you’ve have manage to diet down successfully and lose 20lbs in bodyfat and the scales are now showing you a number that you’re very proud of. After weeks of hard work and willpower you’re now at your desired body weight and loving your new shape. But now you have a new problem after cutting your calories down every week throughout your dieting period your daily calories are now pretty low and you find yourself tired and hungry and unable to function properly throughout the day. This is a common problem most people will experience if they diet down to a very low bodyfat. Here’s where reverse dieting comes into play. What you would want to do at this point is to reverse your daily calories week by week until you get back to your maintenance calories. If this is done properly there will be no body fat gained during this period. Tip 2: Make smarter Food Choices Making smarter food choices will help you maintain your body weight while not being restrictive on what you can eat everyday. No one wants to have to stick to a boring bland diet for the rest of their lives just to keep the numbers on the scales down. Being smart with what you put in your mouth can allow you to be very flexible with food and enable you to enjoy food just like everyone else while maintaining a flat washboard stomach at the same time. Tip 3: intermittent Fasting Fasting can go a long way in helping you maintain your current body weight as it will limit the amount of food you are able to consume every day. This is because intermittent Fasting only allows you a few hours feed window everyday this will in return lower the amount of food you can physically eat in one take. During the period where you’re fasting your body will be in “fat burning mode” as it is using your body fat storage to fuel your body throughout the day. One of the benefits of intermittent Fasting is that over time your stomach will shrink and will not be able to consume a large amount of food. A tiny and smaller stomach is good as it will cause you to eat less food meaning you will consume less calories throughout the day while still feeling full and satisfied after every meal.