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Are Gym Partner Useful

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

If you are someone who doesn’t really enjoy working out in the gym and find it hard to stay committed to training programmes long enough to see any results then training with a gym partner can really benefit you.  Not everyone has a passion for training hard in the gym and that’s ok because we are all different and it is not realistic for us to all like the same things. Fortunately most people now realise that exercising regularly and keeping our bodies active is the best way to not only stay fit but it’s a good way to stay healthy and  disease free in the long run, So whether you are a person that does not like training in the gym at least we can both agree that working out is essential for our fitness, health and well- being.

Training alone can be good if you have a passion for training and have been training for years and know what you are doing in the gym. As we all know by now progressing in the gym and getting stronger simply comes down to being able to push ourself every gym session.  Most people who live normal working lives are not able to truly push themselves and therefore fall short of making every gym session count which leads to little or no results over time.  This leaves people frustrated and they often tend to quit the gym and cancel their membership within three months of joining.

Training with a gym partner especially with one that is committed to the fitness lifestyle can help push you to go to the gym when you might not feel like going. It can also give you someone to answer to making it harder for you to get away with not going. A true gym partner can encourage you to train hard and stick to your routine. 

As someone who has been training independently for years and one who has made extraordinaire gains adding over 30kg of muscle to my physique over the years. I can still honestly say with my hand on my heart that when I train with a gym partner I am able to push myself that bit harder especially on leg and chest day where most of the compound muscle building exercise requires me to lift heavy weight and this can get pretty dangerous if you do not have someone to spot you.

In conclusion in my opinion Training with a gym partner can definitely benefit you in achieving your long term fitness goal. Whether you are a rookie, or an advance hardcore gym-goer having someone there that is supportive and is not willing to take no for an answer can encourage you to dig deep and help push you through those hard tough and sometimes boring sessions.

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