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Benefits Of Training  With Like Minded People

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

If you are anything like me and really into your fitness and keeping your body fit and healthy then the gym is your go to place to destress unload and focus on yourself after a long and stressful day. The gym for people like us is our get away time, our escape and mostly important the time we spend in the gym is our me time out. For 1-2 hours of the day we are selfish and nothing else matters but lifting heavy ass weight and breaking PRs. Most of the time when am in the gym i like training alone, I just put my beats headphones over my ears blast the music loud and drown out the world. Although every now and again i stop and answer questions from people and occasionally i am asked to spot someone, but i like to keep these interactions to a minimum and prefer to be left alone. Recently i have changed the gym i train at and I’ve started to train at a gym closer to my house. This gym is different from your typical commercial gym. Its is more of a hardcore old school bodybuilding type gym with old rusty and very dusty equipments that look like they haven’t been changed or cleaned in over twenty years. In this gym there is no fancy state of the art changing rooms or any 5 star saunas just your regular cubicle and toilet. Once you step into this gym you will automatically sense that this gym is for people who are truly in to fitness and bodybuilding and whether male or female they are not here to play any games. My first day at this gym happened to be my chest day i walked into the free weights area and started with chest dumbell flies. After four sets in the weight has substantially increased and i was struggling to hit 6 Reps. I remember on my final set i had 46kg dumbells on each hand I managed to get four clean reps un-assisted, and as i lowered the weight down to my chest to go into my fifth reps my muscles felt fatigued, tired and exhausted. I attempted to push really hard and finish at least one more set but unfortunately the weight was not moving. Out of no where a woman who is very well built came and assisted me in my final two reps We got talking and continue to support each other throughout the rest of our workout that day. This was 8 weeks ago and ever since we have met up twice a week to train. I have hit PRs on all my main lifts in the time i have trained here and i find that having a training partner who is just as determined as i am has really helped me to get stronger and better and has definitely given me that extra push that I needed to break some plateaus.

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