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Are Noobie Gains Real?

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Are noobie gains real? How much muscle can you build in the first three years of training?. Well the simple answer to the first question is yes and here's why.

As a beginner that is new to weight training meaning someone who has never lifted weights before the muscles will often adapt really quickly and grow faster than someone that has been training for years. New muscle tissue is formed from stress to the muscle after a hardcore training session. After the muscle undergoes duress it is broken down. The muscles will then need to undergo the adaptation phase where new tissue will be formed and the muscle as a whole will grow bigger and stronger as a result. 

when you progressively over load a particular muscle group in the body with weight training at least three to four times a week this will create the stimulus needed for the muscle to change shape and size. As prior to this the skeletal muscle in your body has never under gone this amount of overload, stress, frequency and volume it will respond very quickly when you eat and rest post workout. This whole process can be repeated week after week in the gym for about three years before it starts to slow down

How much Muscle can you buildi in the first three years of weight training?

Science has proven that the first three years of training is when you can build the most amount of muscle in your lifting career. This is what people often refer to as the noobie again period. This is not a myth and definitely happens. Having said this for you to gain as much muscle as you can in this period you will need to make sure that you're not just training hard and progressively lifting heavier each week in the gym but also eating correctly, resting and sleeping well as every component is needed for you to make optimal gains.

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