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What Body Type Are You?

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

We all have a mate that eats loads of junk food and does little to no exercise but still manages to have a shredded six pack or a flat well toned torso thats ready for the beach all year round. We often tend to admire these people who appears to be genetically gifted and able to look like greek god or goddess without spending a min in the gym.

Unfortunately as mere mortals we do not share the same genetic attributes as these people as we will put on weight very easily and often from just looking at food we will add 3-4 lbs. In this blog i will explain and break down the three body types that as human being share. Each and every human being on this planet will come under one of these somatotypes from birth and as we grow older we will tend to natural become a mix of two. Our body types will go a long way in helping us build muscle, burn body fat and speed up our metabolisms. Our somatotype play a majoy role as we train in the gym to to get stronger, improve our performance and build up muscle mass or simply to maintain a healthy body weight within our BMI'S


The ectomorph is normally the skinny guy or girl that physically doesnt look very impressive. Ecto's will have a light build with tiny joints i.e wrist and ankles. They often do not hold a lot of muscles and have very long limbs. The ectomorph's metabolism are really fast and they will naturally be able to burn alot of calories throughout the day without doing much. 


The mesomorph are the genetically gifted of the three, they are the athletes of this world that do really well at their chosen sport and often compete at oympic level. They are blessed with a fast metabolism and unlike the ectomorphs they are also able to build muscle very quickly. Naturally they have very broad and wide shoulders and carry alot of muscle on their frame. Their muscles are very responsive to training and will grow faster then the other somatotypes.


The endomorphs body characteristic are naturally big with high body fat, often pear- shaped with a tendency to store body fat very quickly and easily. One of the benefits of being an endomorph is that they are also gifted when it comes to building muscle as their muscles also respond to exercise and weight training very well. Endomorph will really have to watch their diets if they want to remain lean and in shape.

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