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Eating Out At Restaurants

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

We all like to go to restaurants every now and again with friends , family and sometimes work colleagues being on a diet shouldn’t prevent you from treating yourself to a fancy three cause meal at your favourite restaurant. In this short blog I will give you a quick and easy tip that you can use to help you meet your macros on the days that you go out to a restaurant.

As we know by now our macros protein, fats and carbs make up our daily calories, keeping this in mind here’s what you can do to make sure that you stay within your numbers when you’re on a diet but still have a table booked at a restaurant in the evening.

As fats are more calorie dense than protein and carbs you want to keep your fat intake low throughout the day to make sure that you balance out your numbers even after your high calorific meal at the restaurant. Also make sure to save your carbs as well throughout out the day which will allow you to be able to eat more at the restaurant without spilling over and messing up your diet the next day.

You can consume your protein throughout the day and add loads of vegetables to your meals to help create the volume you need to keep you full and satiated throughout the day

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