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Are Protein Shakes Worth The Money?

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

After a long hard intense training session at the gym your muscle fibres will be torn and damaged and bleeding on the inside. This will lead to your muscles feeling very sore and painful and you will probably experience DOMs for the next few days. This is normal and part of the process of building new muscle tissue and getting stronger in general.  

The damaged muscle will need time and good nutrition in order to recover build and grow stronger. This phase of the muscle building process can not be skipped and everyone has to go through this if they want to be in better shape and have overall muscle mass that’s above average of the day to day average male or female regardless of somatotype.

I get this question all the time by my new clients or people who have started exercising for the first time “ are protein shakes worth the money and will they help me build large muscle and if so how do they work”. Well before I answer this question we need to understand a little about how our muscles recover post exercise. 

After spending 45mins - 90mins in the gym completely. annihilating and smashing a muscle group, that particular muscle group itself will need to go in a phase were the damage has to be healed.  

In order for the body to do this effectively and quickly It needs the correct nutrients.  This is where protein comes into play, the more protein you consume relative to your total body weight after these gruelling sessions, the more Protein your muscles can synthesise.

Here where it gets a bit tricky after after a gruelling training session at the gym what is the best, quickest and cheapest method to help getting in the protein you so desperately need to speed up recovery so that we can get back into the gym doing the thing we love which is training hard.

The answer to this is a good high quality protein supplement. I am not going to bore you with the science behind protein and muscle growth. The take away message from this is that protein supplements has its place when it comes to building muscle and recovering quickly from exercise.

Now having said the above the protein that you will get from protein supplements are no different from the protein you will get from lean whole foods like chicken breast, tuna, eggs etc. It all comes down to convenient and what is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way for you to take in the amount of protein your body needs (which is different for everyone) in order to be able to recover and build new muscle tissue.

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