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What Not To Do When Dieting.

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Many people start and fail their diets because they either cut their calories too quickly and end up in a position where their calories are already extremely low and they are only in week one or two of a 12 week diet journey. This often results in extreme hunger which then leads to over eating and eventually weight gain. Another reason why people often fail to reach their diet goals even though most start of very determined and committed is that they feel like they have to cut out all the foods that they like in order to follow a very unrealistic bland and boring diet that they can never stick to in the long term. When you’re dieting you should never feel hungry or feel like you have to eat boring foods that you do not like to reach your diet goals. Dieting should be fun and the lower your macros the more food you should be eating. I know what you’re thinking it sounds contradictory for me to say the lower your calories the more food you should eat but here’s why as your calories begin to drop week after week the volume or amount of food you eat should go up in comparison in order to prevent starving. Having said this it’s is very important for you to remember the deeper you get into your diet the more selective you will have to be in your food choices in order for you to stay on track with your diet. But like I said before you should never feel like you have to eat the same foods day in day out and stick to a boring bland diet. When you are weeks deep into a long diet your energy levels will be lower then normal this is inevitable and will happen as you become leaner you will need to cut your calories down even more because the body will adapt and slow down the metabolism in order to erase the deficit. The lack of energy you will be feeling is a result of your carbohydrates being lower then usual in order to create a negative energy balance for weight loss to occur having said this your stomach should never feel empty and you should never at any point feel like you are starving.

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