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When Can I Start Having Cheat Meals

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

As we all known in order for us to get into shape, burn body fat and tone our muscles what we eat, how much we eat and when we eat it is very important and this component of getting in shape cannot be overlooked. When you’re trying to get into shape either by yourself or with the help of a trainer the first thing you must do is to work out your specific macros as this is individual to everyone. After you have figured out your daily macros you will be in a better position to start losing weight and getting into the best shape of your life. When can I have a cheat meal ? As a trainer myself after I work out individual macros for my clients I often then get this question without fail “when can I have a cheat meal”. Ask I am asked this question all the time I’ve decided to answer it on this blog so hopefully you guys can have a better understanding on macros, cheat meals and losing weight. Here goes I think cheat meals are needed as they help to keep you on track and give you something to look forward to at the end and beginning of another week. However having said the above whether you should have a cheat meal at the end of the week depends on a few things which are, your overall goals, your starting point (how overweight are you), the time frame you have to get into shape etc. For example if you are just looking to get into shape for a wedding, holiday or just to look good on the beach and you have a reasonable amount of time to do so in i.e 12 Weeks then a cheat meal can be allocated to your diet plan once a week preferably on the last day of the week as this will help restart your mind and boost your energy levels for the week ahead, Also cheat meals have been proven to boost leptin level and speed up metabolism so this is a win win.. On the other hand if you’re really over weight and out of shape and have only eight weeks to get in to shape for a wedding or holiday then as a trainer I will not advise a cheat meal until you’ve lost a decent amount of weight and gotten into good shape as a cheat meal in this case can do more damage then good.. In conclusion I think cheat meals are a good tool to have to help you reset for the week ahead and keep those cravings at bay. But I think is really important to be in shape first before having cheat meals every weekend as they can ruin a good week of diet and training. So I would advise that you speak to your trainer or dietician before implementing cheat meals.. Happy Dieting

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