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What Are The Benefits Of HIIT Training

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

When is comes to losing weight in the gym and getting fit everyone is talking about HIIT. But what exactly is HIIT and how does it help you to get in shape and lose weight fast.

HIIT is a acronym for “high Intensity Interval Training” The concept of this type of training is to do Interval of short burst high intensive activity for a short period of time and then quickly follow by a low intensive activity for a short period of time and then alternate between the two for 20-30mins.

HIIT Training can be performed any where and on any piece of equipment whether its a cardiovascular machine, resistant machines or just body weight activity. The idea is to raise the level of activity to a point where your body is out of its comfort zone and the heart rate is accelerated significantly this will force the heart to pump more blood around the body in order to meet the higher demand for oxygen to the muscles. 

As the intensity is lowered the demand for oxygen to the active muscles is significantly reduced this allows for some recovery time before undergoing another bout of the high intensity period .

As this process is repeated several times throughout the course of 20-30mins it requires a lot of energy which in return will help you burn through a tremendous amount calories in a short period of time.

Studies show that this type of training triggers the afterburn effect which is simply additional energy expenditure that occurs hours after the exercise session is completed 

The technical term for this is “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” or EPOC, 

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