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Training Through Low Days

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

We all have those days where we don’t feel like even getting out of bed let alone going to the gym to train.. Theses are the days where our bodies feel the most wrecked, weak and broken down physically and mentally. Rough days like these can leads to us feeling demotivated and have us questioning why we are even bothering to go to the gym or why we are putting our self through a restrictive diet in the first place. I am no stranger to these sort of low days and from time to time i have several days where i feel like this. Over the years i have realised that when days like theses occur it is often due to us falling in to a routine and just going through the motions of training to the point where we have become detached from the passion we once had for training and living a healthy lifestyle. So we write stuff into out dairies, follow mundane nutrition plans and keep up with our training sessions at the gym just to make ourselves feeling like we haven’t given up and that we are still working toward our long term fitness goals. But in actual fact we are just going through the motions of going into the gym and mindlessly training different body parts 3/4 times a week with no real direction or effort. Following this boring and very demotivating routine week in and week out isn’t what made us falling in love with the lifestyle in the first place. We need to remember this and detach, reflect, reset and reconnect with the passion we have for the health and fitness lifestyle as a whole.. If this is done correctly you will find that it will rejuvenate your spirits and reawaken your love for training and keeping fit and as a result you will continue to make gains and improve in the gym..

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