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5 Tips To Help You Stick To Your New Workout Programme

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

It is always very challenging to stick to a new workout programme as the body is not use to the amount of physical exertion that programme may bring at first. This is normal as it usual takes time for the body to adapt to the new intensity. In this weeks blog I will give you five tips to help you stick to your new programme plan so that you can continue to make progress in your training.

Find a compelling reason to train.

The most effective way for anyone to stick to a new workout routine or programme whether a newbie at the gym or an advance gymer is to find a true reason of engagement and discover for yourself your passion for training and set a specific or a vivid long term goal, so you have something to focus on and work towards. This goal could be anything for instance, getting in shape for an up and coming wedding, getting fit to run a marathon or simply getting fit and strong in order to be able to play and run around with your young children. Having a personal goal set is very important because it gives you something to draw on when you are half way through your workout and your body feels tired and exhausted and you still have to get through a few more sets in order to complete your workout.

Mark time off on your calendar.

Your time at the gym is your personal time, you need it and can’t go without it so you should make it one of your priorities to schedule it in your calendar on a weekly basics, this will give you the opportunity to work towards your fitness goals.

Train with a personal trainer

It is less likely for you to miss a workout session when you have someone that has invested their own time and effort into helping you achieve your goals. Also hiring a Personal trainer can be a very good way to help you stick to your goals as you have already invested money in to them and it would be a waste of your money for you not to turn up to your workout sessions

Set reasonable and achievable small goals

The biggest reason why most people never stick to their routines in the gym is because most have set for themselves impossible, unattainable goals which leads them to giving up as they are not seeing any progress in the gym. It is important to understand that fitness is not a Sprint but instead a marathon, so set yourself small achievable goals over a long period of time so that you continue to make small improvements and eventually it will lead you to your big over fitness goal.

Make your goals public.

Tell your friends what you want to accomplish, and let them know how you’re doing along the way. Doing this will hold you accountable and make it very hard for you to give up as no one wants to look like a failure in front of anyone let alone their friends

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