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The Truth About Fad Diets

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Nowadays we have so many diets out there and unfortunately a large amount of them tend to cater to the less disciplined individual that is looking for quick results. 

Theses diets are known as “Fad diets” and they attract people who want to lose weight quickly and often without exercise. Fad diets are promoted as the fastest and most effective way of burning fat and achieving weight loss goals.

As fad diets usually promise the individual quick weight loss in the shortest amount of time it tends to eliminate certain food groups such as carbs and dairy. 

Over the years fad diets have been proven to be unhealthy, dangerous and a very unbalanced way of dieting, as they often restrict caloric intake therefore causing the body to be deficient in many of its vital macronutrients and micronutrients. 

This method of dieting can cause long term damage to the body, as the individual on the diet begins to restrict fats in their diet this can cause cellular and hormonal problems. 

As the daily caloric intake of the individual decreases day by day this can trigger a hormone in adipose tissue called leptin to begin to slow down the metabolism which is counter-productive  to the goal of fat loss. 

Although fad diet can cause the individual to decrease the numbers on the scales rapidly this often falls down to the loss of water weight rather then to any real loss of body fat

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