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How To Get Your Other Half That Hates You Going To The Gym To Actively Join You In The Gym..

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Have you ever being in a relationship were your other half has no motivation or desire to step a foot in the gym but she just hates the time you spend in the gym and would give anything for you to spend that time with her.

I feel your pain its a catch 22 because you obviously care about her and enjoy her company which is why your in a relationship with her in the first place. But the gym is your other half too, its your passion and your first love so you can’t imagine a life without it. 

This can be very annoying and frustrating when someone you care about very much is  constantly complaining and moaning at you for doing something that you love, something that you was doing probably way before you met her.

For the most part you can put up with her complaining and moaning but there will be times when it will just become too much to handle.

Coming home from a long day at work, putting your mind into gym mode, changing clothes and then leaving for the gym can be very hard to do, let alone putting up with someone thats is just moaning.

This sort of behaviour can cause arguments and unresolved can lead to you two breaking up.

Over the years i have found that a good way to get around this is to take your partner to the gym with you whenever you visit and try to slowly introduce her to what is taking up your time when your not at work or with her.

It is important to not force her or make fun of how unfit she is but to instead invite and encourage her to come and join you in the gym whenever she starts moaning. 

You have to understand that some people have probably never exercised or been to the gym in their lives so they generally don’t understand why you love going there so much. 

Being gentle and understanding along with having patience is vital when trying to get your other half to join you in the gym.

Over the years i have learnt that not everyone shares the same passion i have or you may have for fitness and not everyone cares or can be bothered to go to the gym three or four times a week. 

Once you finally convince your partner to come to the gym with you it is important to not overwhelm them with a complicated intense routine as this might scare them and discourage them from joining you again.

It’s important to take baby step with them and remember it’s not about working them very hard but is more about getting them to fall in love with fitness as a lifestyle so that they can continue going for many years to come

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