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Is Prepping Your Meals beneficial In Meeting Your Daily Caloric Intake.

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

In today edition of my Blogs I want to talk about the Benefits Of meal prepping and how it can make your life easier. If like me your days are always jam packed with working and running your own business. Then please read on because i am going to shed some light on the Benefits of meal prepping and give you my own opinion as to why you should yourselves meal prep if your into fitness and working out at the gym.

A large majority of us live a fast pace lifestyle were we are always on the move working, sending and checking emails, blogging and catching up with friends and family, so more time we might not even have the time to stop and tie our shoes laces let alone spend for 45 minutes or more (depending on what we are preparing) in the kitchen cooking five to six different meals throughout the day just in order to keep up and meet the eating requirements of our programmes.

I know as a fitness Enthusiast you understand that getting stronger and reaching your physique goals is not just about lifting weights in the gym, drinking loads of protein shake and spending tones of money on other supplements, but it’s about thinking and planning ahead in order to prepare yourself for those moments were you can grab and go

Numerous studies have shown that after working out for longer then an hour and not having solid fresh high quality whole grain foods in your system is counterproductive to your efforts in the gym and a waste of your time and money. This is why a lot of theses meal prepping companies are making fortune off of us.

We all know that the nutritional side of our training programs which speaks to what we are putting in our bodies after our training sessions day in day out counts more toward our overall progress then the amount of weights we are lifting when we are training in the gym.

My own experience has taught me that waiting until you are hungry and then trying to prepare and cook the food you need to feed your body can hinder your gains and slow down your overall progress.

I have found that finding a day in the week were you are least busy and using that free time to prepare and cook all your meals out for the week and then storing them in Tupperware containers will help you in the long run, when you have just finished a workout and need to get vital nutrients into your body in order to feed much needed nutrients and calories into those torn and damaged muscles fibres within that little 20 to 25 minutes window.


Tupperware food containers are very cheap and can be found in any 99p store all over London. Tupperware containers can go along away in helping you portion control your meals as well as allowing you to eat on the go whilst your at work or in the car park after your gym sessions. Using this cheap very convenient Tupperware containers to package your food for the week is a very productive and smart way to meet your daily caloric intake which will help in getting you closer to achieving your desired fitness look.

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