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Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Is A Real Condition And This Is Why It Can Affect Your Training In a V

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Before we start let me put this out there some sort of muscle soreness is to be expected when you are working yourself very hard in the gym three or more days a week. Short lived muscle pains and muscle soreness every now and again could be a good sign of an effective weightlifting programme as it could be a sign that you are hitting the muscles hard enough for it to respond with muscle tears and then growth after you rest and eat.

But having said this there is such a thing as “deep onset muscle soreness” or (DOMS) this can happen when you push your body and muscles continuously in the gym week in week out at your maximum effort without the correct rest and nutrition. This kind of reckless training can cause you to fall victim to DOMS and it can put you out of action for a while.

DOMS can happen when the muscles has not recovered efficiently enough between training sessions. As we workout in the gym our muscles suffer from microscopic tears which then requires the correct nutrition in order for it to heal and grow in size. The window to getting nutrients into the muscles after training is very small which is why our diets and the choice of foods that we eat has to be planned and tailored correctly for theses essential times

It is very important to eat the right amount of protein before and after you train so that your body can absorb the amino acids and replenish the muscles cells in order to help them heal in time for your next workout session. By simply eating enough protein you can avoid delayed onset muscle soreness from ever occurring and be able to continue making strength progresses week after week.

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