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Working Through Hard Days

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Everyone and anyone can stick to a gym routine when they are feeling good, their stomach full of food and their carbs and energy levels on a high. Them days when life is good and everything is going right for you and you wake up in the morning and have a boost of energy, that little bounce in your step the house to yourselves suddenly it becomes easier to do 30 minutes of cardio and eat clean. Theses are the ideal times in our life to train and most people do very well during theses up periods in their lives at the gym. Maintaining and sticking to a gruelling training programme is significantly easier when everything is going right for you and you are mentally period for exercise.

However we all have days were we don’t feel like training or even sticking to our diets. Sometimes waking up in the morning or coming home after a long day at work is exhausting enough then to on top of that eat a bland piece of chicken and then go to the gym for the next 60 to 90 minutes of further torture the thought is just simply unthinkable.

There are days were we lack the desire or motivation to do the basic everyday shores let alone 25 minutes of boring Cardio on an empty stomach or very little carbs. We all go through thoses days were we are too tired, stressed or up to our necks dealing with life. During theses periods the last thing on our minds is to undergo 45 minutes of lifting cast iron for repetition after repetition, set after set.

When we don’t feel like lifting a finger up to do anything let alone even looking at a dumbbell, when we are tired and beat down by life theses are the days were we have to dig deep and push ourselves that bit harder to go that extra mile to remain focused and work harder then those good days when we were on a high from life, because pushing ourselves on theses low days and getting the job done, enduring the physical and mental pain and to see ourselves through what at the time seems like an almost impossible task wont go unrewarded. Tough days are the important days to get our all because theses are the day we’re we grow the most and become stronger and a more well develop versions of ourselves not just in the gym but in all aspect of life theses times count the most.

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