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What Is The Best Protein Shake To Buy To Get Bigger Muscles?

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The protein shake and other protein supplements are a very valuable tool to have in a bodybuilder’s arsenal of weapons to help combat muscle atrophy and to help build and promote muscle repair. I say all of that to say this the protein shake isn’t and should not be the be all and end all of achieving an aesthetic powerful and well balanced physique. 

All supplements should only help facilitate and make achieving the body of your dreams easier. As a personal trainer one of the most popular questions I get a lot is “am trying to get bigger what is the best protein shake to take” I normally follow up this question by asking “how is your diet and your training routine” because i have found that the people that ask theses types of questions are more often then not, not even eating clean or eating the right amount of calories that their bodies needs in order to take their metabolism out of the maintenance zone and into a surplus state which is needed for muscle growth and muscle recovery.

Most of theses fitness companies will advertise their products as if to say that just buying a protein shake from the shelve is all you need to do to in order to pack on slabs of muscle and this is simply not true and very misleading to young people that are just starting their fitness journeys. These young fitness enthusiasts often buy into this bullshit and  end up wasting their hard earned cash chasing fallacies. 

An aesthetic physique can be built on whole foods alone without ever taking any supplements. Theses fitness companies that sponsor bodybuilders and fitness models to endorse their products are just out for your money and you should be very cautious in what you believe and buy.

The truth is Supplements should be added to a well balanced and nutritional diet plan and a well design progressive fitness training programme. All supplements from protein shakes, creatine, to pre- workouts and protein bars should all be taking on a well established foundation of hard work

Protein shakes and other supplement is not a bad option and this article is not trying to demonise the supplement industry but simply trying to educate young people and equip them with the knowledge their need in order to go out there and make smart decisions.

The supplement companies should not be advertising their products as if they are needed in order to achieve a certain type of look. 

In conclusion as the name suggests theses products are supplements and so they should act as a supplementation to a whole foods diet and should be taking on a basis of convenience rather to a must have 

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