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Losing Weight Is Just A Number’s Game

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

We live in a society that glamorises the fit and athletic individual so i think it’s fair to say that we all stride to look our best and to lose the extra weight. Whether you are a 260lbs pro bodybuilder or 136lbs average female we all want to shed the unwanted body flab and maintain a well sculpted toned body.

Am here to tell you that losing the fat is just a numbers game of calories in verses calories out. Supplement companies will be quick to sell you a pill promising that it will help you burn off the weight and give you a body that worthy of the beach. Not to mention nutritionist, Doctors and fitness professionals promising you the fancy FAB diets as a quick fix to your weight problems.

Am here to tell you to disregard everything you have heard before about weight loss pills, fancy slim fast supplements and unhealthy “if it fits your Marcos”type diets.

As a personal trainer who has coached many clients to their desired weight goals I am here to tell you that having the body you have always dreamed of boils down to the easy to understand principal or ratio of energy balance.

Energy balance speak to the amount of calories we consume compared to the amount of calories we burn of each day. As living, breathing and thinking human beings we are always in a calorie burning state. This is most evident when we are moving around each day and getting on with our daily errands and shores our bodies are constantly expelling calories as used up energy.

Most of the energies that we use for our daily activities is coming from our diet which is the foods we eat, in the health and nutritional/ fitness world we refer to theses as Marco-nutrients.

Most sports scientists and athletes understand the science of fat burning and how the body works when it comes to weight loss. Their understand that in order for the body to lose its fat storage the calories out has to be greater then the the calories consumed. This is what puts the body into a calorie deficit zone which in return allows for the body to attack and break down its adipose tissue that then allows for the numbers on our scales to go down week after week.

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