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Why Are Calves Muscles So Hard To Grow On Black People

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

If your any thing like me you have struggled and struggled to grow your calve muscles for years. You have time and time again digged in to your Arsenal of training programmes because your tired of having small chicken legs.

After years and years of failed attempts to make calve gains you have become very Familiar with the drawing board as you have had to return to it so many times to draw up new programmes for your stubborn calves that just refuse to grow.

Your gym programmes has over the years covered a wide Spectrum of exercises with very intense fitness programming ranging from using pyramids, trisets, supersets, drop-sets, giant-sets to high volume training approaches like circuit training, Crossfit training and heavy weight loading low repetition bodybuilder type programmes and all this to no avail your calve still look like chop sticks and resemble that of a six year old girl.

Due to our genetics a large majority of us black people naturally have small calves this doesn’t mean our calves will be small forever and that whatever we do to them will never work as it is written in stone that we are destiny to have baby calves for the rest of you life.

Having small calves for us just simply means that we as black people have to focus on this muscle group more and work them more often.

Our calves need a lot of development and our training programmes needs and has to be more tailored towards calve work allowing us to spend more time working on them using the progressive training approach were we slowly but surely increase the amount of weight we lift in a safe and controlled manner In order for us to begin to stimulate the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles enough for them to respond and grow.

I see you have gotten this far in reading this article I think I can safely say your one of those black men who suffers from having small laughable chicken like calves not to worry am here to help..

Now take note the two most important things you have to do to grow your girlie calves is to 1. put your calve portion of your leg day train8ng first so your hitting them harder and when your fresh instead of at the end of your workout when your tired and just want to get out of the gym and 2. When training calves use a lots of supersets on them making sure to cut your rest periods down as they become stronger.

So The take home messages here is as black men have to work the muscles of the lower leg harder then other muscle group in our bodies in order to achieve growth

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