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New Year And New Fitness Venture

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

We are fast approaching the start of a new year and everyone has made their New Years resolutions which include losing weight and becoming a fitter and more healthy versions of themselves.

This all is well and dandy but there is just two little element that most of us over look. Theses element are 1. Planning and and drawing up a proper gym and fitness programme and 2. not taking on too much or biting of more then we can chew, having said that let’s fast forward to the first day of the year.

Day one of our fitness venture we are up bright and early the birds are too and they are singing beautiful melodies we quickly jump out of bed and into the shower. We then put on our brand new fitness clothes we brought weeks Prior to this day and that we neatly prepared on our bedside cupboards the night before. We go downstairs and eat some breakfast in the kitchen then load our gym bags with our gym kit and protein shake and put on our fitness watch, sweat bands and headphones and we are out the door next stop gym.

We arrive at the gym with no plan and almost immediately we’re are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of equipment standing before us. We then take a deep breath thinking out loud we remind ourselves the reason why we are here and then venture into the unknown.

First stop Lats pull down we sit down and position ourselves comfortably on the machine and adjust the weights we are going to use, in the back of our minds we remind ourselves this is the machine “Arnold Schwarzenegger” used to build his back this is to help us put our minds in the zone and give us the courage and boost to do our first set no warm needed. After two sets of three reps with terrible form we move on feeling proud of ourselves the back portion of the work out now complete.

We then roam Aimlessly around the gym looking for a machine to next assist us in our newly discovered journey of becoming the next mr Olympia. 45mins and 14 sets later we are out of the gym protein shake in hand gym session now complete next stop home.

On our way home we stop of at our local fry up and indulge our creative side by ordering two pieces of chicken chips and drink from “boss man”.

Once we reach home we are are knackered so we throw ourselves on to the couch two mins later we are completely dead to the world. We repeat the routine religiously three times a week for the next three weeks before realising that we are not getting anywhere and quit.

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