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Five Tip To Spot The Creepy Personal Trainer

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The Creepy personal trainer can be found lurking in any gym am pretty sure most of you ladies have come across one in your gym at some point. In this short article I will give you five tips to help you spot and keep them nuisance and annoying trainers at bay so you can enjoy your workouts in peace.

Ladies be on the look out for the trainer that is unshaven, scruffy looking and that resembles a pub lout more then his does a fitness coach. The trainer that looks like he has never seen a gym in his life and is so fat and out of shape looking your sitting there wondering did he get his nutritional qualification from a bum gum machine because by the looks of him he clearly knowns nothing about maintaining and eating a good clean healthy diet. You will probably find this self proclaimed personal trainer roaming around the gym in baggie cum stained shorts and wearing a large oversize polo t-shirt in an attempt to hide his bubble gut which to no avail

Ladies watch out for the well built muscular looking personal trainers that are mostly very neat looking and extremely well groomed. Theses personal trainers are often very well dressed with well carefully positioned clipboards looking like they were part of the modelling Entourage of London fashion week. Personal trainers like this can teach you a thing or two in the art of maintaining a fresh haircut, a well shaped beard and keeping clean pearly white teeth. Theses well groomed personal trainer are well spoken smooth in approach and very friendly towards the females in the gym. Theses types of personal trainers often approach the female gym goer away from the view of other personal trainers. They will lurk around the corners of the gym and when they see their opportunity they will then make eye contact with female gym user and very quickly follow up by sparking a random conversation and before you known it they are asking you for your number and what your plans are for the weekend.

Ladies be very aware of the average looking personal trainers that are always very eager and quick to assist you in your stretching. Theses kinds of personal trainers hang around the stretching areas of the gym like a bad smell and offer unwanted and very often unneeded advice in how to stretch effectively to only the female gym goers. Unsurprisingly the go to stretches for theses types of personal trainers is the PNF stretch were they will have to physically assist you in the stretch

Ladies keep an eye out for the skinny scrawny no confidence having type of personal trainer that is probably wearing an extra small size t-shirt in order to look big and strong. This type of personal personal trainer has no place being a fitness coach and his time will better spent in an “all you can eat” buffet putting on much needed weight rather them in the gym perving on females. This type of personal trainer will often go to the staff toilets to do some push ups for a quick pump in order build up the courage to approach a female.

Ladies watch out for the personal trainer that wants to try and sell you home packages all day long. Theses types of personal trainers have most of their packages tailored around home training and are very eager to meet you at your home address. A tell tale sign of a creepy a home style personal trainer is after you booked them for a home session they will turn up at your home address ill prepared with lots of stretching equipment with their main emphasis being on getting a good stretch so their spend more than a quarter of your training session stretching you using the PNF hands on Method.

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