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The impact Of Continuously Indulging And Given Into Our Guilty Pleasures

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

I think we all can admit to having a soft spot in our hearts for some sort of snack, foods or beverage some people more then others but nevertheless we all do from time to time.

For example some people have a weakness to chocolate and others fall victim to unhealthy snacks like ice cream, scones, biscuits, crisps alcohol, pies and other types of easy to access fast foods.

Whatever our weakness in food might be the point is we all have a guilty pleasure that we all give into every now and again whilst hoping that we can saviour the luxurious flavours in our mouths and then some how the snack or food will magically disappear from our throats without ever adding fat to our waistline.

Theses moments of weakness and lack of discipline tend to happen more often then not for most of us often leading to us feeling guilty moments after the act, causing as to run around like headless chickens in a Pathetic attempt to try and hide or throw away the evidence i.e the packets and wrappers so we don’t get taunted and made fun of by the people we are around or live with.

After engaging in this type of out of control behaviour for weeks or even months we then have the cheek or audacity to complain wondering why our waistlines are ballooning out of proportion to the rest of our bodies.

Our guilty pleasure can leave our waistlines so far stretched we could grow out of our entire wardrobe in less than two months. This can be extremely embarrassing as strangers can label us as being lazy and greedy while close friends and relatives poke fun at our stomachs that is protruding and hanging over our very cheap trousers so much so we can barely see our own private part when we are using the loo

This can also break the bank as we will have to constantly buy new clothes unless we want to leave our house every day for work with a hole in our trouser so big our whole nuts hang out when we are sitting on the train in our early morning commute to work.

In conclusion I think its safe to say constantly given into our guilty pleasures and indulging in too much pie’s and junk food can be the cause of unwanted stereotypes and strange looks from random people who we pass on the streets. But on a more serious note theses sorts of foods can cause us irreversible damage to our insides due to visceral fat weaken and blocking the arteries and seriously restricting the blood flow to the organs in our body especially the heart

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