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The Disadvantage Of Being An Advance Lifter

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

As a personal trainer over the years I have come across so many different questions from many uneducated gym user or aspiring new gym goers who are often very frustrated and Feed up of not seeing results in the gym. But the question that I get the most is “Is why has my muscles stop growing”

At some stage in all our programming we have all hit a brick wall and the gains has stop coming. Any person that has being lifting for over 2 years consistently can relate to this problem including myself. When your muscle fibres stop benefiting from strenuous exercise your muscles will switch off and stop growing in size and your weekly efforts in the gym will fall by the waste side.

As human beings our bodies tune in and adapt to whatever stress we put it under whether it's playing as a striker in a 90 mins football tournament or running a 26k marathon our bodies will adapt to the workload. The gym is no different over time our body will adapt to the programme we do and stop growing, This can be very annoying and frustrating to say the least as most of us are probably busting our asses every day in the gym and seeing little to no results. This amongst other things can put most people off their current fitness path and discourage them from ever stepping foot again in the gym again.

For us to over come this unfortunate truth we have to follow a progressive exercise routine designer by a professional trainer in order to limit plateaus and continue growing. A well designed and well put together gym routine will keep the myofibril (muscle fibre) stimulated session after session and along with a clean diet we can be on our way to achieving the body of your dreams


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