Frequently asked questions

What happens after i book a free consultation with you?

After booking a free consultation from my website please arrive at the gym 15mins earlier then the appointment time and ask for me at the reception area.

Can I book a home session with you?

Yes you can book a home session with me by simply contacting me through the contact area on my website and i will get back to you as soon as possibe

Do you travel to other gyms to train clients?

Yes i travel to other gyms within the london area to train clients but the one on one session fee will go up to cover my cost

Is there a way for me to track my bookings on your website?

Yes you can track your bookings with me by signing up for an account on my website or using your facebook or google credientials to login in order to keep track.

Are you REPS certified?

Yes i am REPS certified.